As a kid I had a strong to desire to create, but I didn’t know where to start. First I thought “maybe music?” Nope. Then, “Maybe clothes?” Not quite.

After multiple attempts that ultimately failed, the self-doubt settled in and I convinced myself I didn’t have the skills needed to make it in the creative world.

Fast forward to January 20th 2012. I lost my dad to suicide, and my world crumbled. I worried less about creating, and more about surviving this tragic blow.

With no job and no place to stay, my aunt and uncle let me crash on their couch until I got back on my feet.

Uncle Ron had set up a mini work shop in his garage. Unemployed and in a rut, he asked if I wanted to help out. Starting with simple tasks, I quickly progressed to building my own tables. I had a knack for this. I was shocked, because I had zero experience working with my hands, but I welcomed the newfound challenge and spark of creativity.

As I began to develop these new skills, I also developed an unshakeable bond with my uncle. I had lost my dad and he had lost his brother. We healed together and I finally started to feel like myself again. Suddenly I felt the flood gates to all of this creativity that I had been yearning for finally unlock and it all came pouring out.

5 years later, I moved to Los Angeles and started Henry Alan in 2018. Henry, my dad’s middle name, and Alan, mine, is founded on family. I wouldn’t be here without mine.